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"I want a call!"

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Over 30 years ago, I was cutting my teeth as a LL umpire.  I was doing softball in a Summer league. And I had the following exchange.  (HT coach looked like Popeye with Black Birth-Control Glasses.)

The other team had a strong infield with a first baseman that was tall, athletic, and very agile.  A lot of throws required her to stretch sideways, but her length made it a well-earned out.

Then I heard from the HT dugout:  "I want an Interference call there!"  (He meant Obstruction, but there was none IMJ.)  Also, he was a coacher, not the manager, so he had no standing.  Nonetheless, one other time in that inning, and twice in the next inning I got the same rant:  "I want an Interference call!"   

Next play, the throw from F5 just went over the outstretched glove of the "condor" first baseman.  BR made second on the error.  And it happened again:  "I want an interference call on that play!"

So I pointed to the BR at second base:  "Hey Number 21!  Your coach wants an interference call.  You are out for interference!"  I turned to Popeye and asked, "Happy now?"


Las Vegas

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