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The best game I have worked all season

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Showed up yesterday afternoon to work a solo varsity game at Corona Del Mar HS in Newport Beach. I pull into the lot and see far fewer vehicles than I would expect, so decide investigation before gearing up is in order. Walk to the field and see only a handful of players there and they seem to be in clean up mode.

Hey coach, I'm here for the game that is scheduled for 4. Something change?

Deer in the headlight moment and then the "damn! I knew I forgot something! The game was cancelled. Hold on..." Coach heads to the snack bar and comes back with cash. Sorry man, but I have to short you $5, this is all there is in the till.

No problem coach... $75 for 3 minutes and not getting sweaty is a fair trade to me. See you later!

Best game all year!

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Mine was almost that good.

Am. Legion DH, two 7s. I had been communicating with the HTHC about 3 hrs prior to game time. The radar looked terrible. Simply asked to be kept up to date, I’m ready for any decision on the games.

We finish gm 1 and the horizon looks like the wicked witch of the west is releasing her monkeys.

Coach asks if we can get the next one rolling in like 20 minutes. Partner and I look at each other and say, “OK.” We hustle up and switch out.

T1: Leadoff walk on 4 pitches, B2 fly ball to LF, B3 is 2 pitches in when I swear the rain clouds start dumping water balloon size raindrops. It sounds like the local highway through town turns to a 6 lane freeway, that’s how loud the downpour came over the ridge.

We’re in the dugout for 3 min and the field is under water. Ballgame. Thanks for the $70, coach.

Honestly, no idea why they tried. I almost felt bad and would’ve been fine if they bagged the 2nd right after gm 1. Wouldn’t have expected to get paid…..he’ll probably not second-guess the radar the rest of the season.

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I know I started the thread about lightning and thunder.  That game was one a few days after another scheduled game. Maybe this was what increased my ire with the latter game.

Two games with two umpires apiece. Fields are no further than 100 yards from each other.  Sky was as dark as could be and there was lightning in the distance.  One game got started since the VT was from Florida and they wanted to get the game in.  My game, we kept the kids off of the field.  Started pouring 5 mins after game time and didn't let up.  Checks were given to each of us 30 mins before game time. Sometimes it works out for you....

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I had similar but from where we park I cant really see a decent shot of the field to tell if everyone is there.

Two towns two teams  Team SA was to Play Team CA  at SA's field 

team CB was to play SB at team CB's field 

One team due to players issues cancels  UIC makes a mistake and cancels wrong team on schedule

I go to CB field which was the canceled game. Team CB never shows. Team CA goes to SA's field where SA was not there as they had canceled 

Team SB is at the visiting field where home team is not. I get dressed walk down greet team SB coach he says he does not know whats going on. I call UIC who confirms issue accepts responsibility but also notes he had called CA coach 40 min ago and told him to go to his homefield. Coach refuses to says he is going to the field and from there will turn around and come back ( 1.2 hour turn ) /UGH

Field has no lights it will be dark by then I tell UIC well I will give him 20 min and then he forfeits 

UIC agrees and tells me I will make sure you get paid.. 70$ later I am on my way home for 10 min of walking back and forth to the field.  /shrug no skin of my nose.


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Was working the Big League World Series in Florida.  EVERY afternoon about 2 p.m. or so, it would start raining and raining hard for about 10 minutes.  Every time, the players, coaches, fans and umpires would get soaked.  When it came the day for my plate game, I told everyone at the pregame meeting, that after the first drop of rain we're going to be off the field.  Sure enough, at about 2:15 or so, the sky gets dark and it starts to sprinkle.  Got everyone off the field and about 2 minutes later it was a deluge.  It finally stopped and we are able to get the game going again.  Both coaches thanked me. Let's hear it for common sense umpiring!

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