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Illegally batted ball - game 3 Tennessee ND


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T8, 0 out, R1, 11:25 in referenced Youtube. Batter's foot completely out of the box and touching HP when he bunts. No call. No blame, tracking high pitch PU might not catch it. We all can miss it. Nobody complained in this game. So I look at video review regs, thinking of what if, and I don't see out of the box as reviewable. Not only that, it is specifically on the list of non reviewable plays. I can see not reviewing a called out of the box. That would be tough to fix. But a no call would be easy to fix. On second thought, maybe not other than turf fields. 


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I have had this call a lot for kids games, but I am also 6'4"!  A whole lot easier to see!

With big catcher in addition to the setup point for the PU (in NCAA) might have the view blocked.  That's the way it goes!


Las Vegas


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51 minutes ago, Rich Ives said:

Need to slo-mo it. If he hit the ball before his foot touched down it's legal.

That would be correct if so. But assuming you did frame by frame the foot was well down, outside and touching HP, before the bunt. Sometimes we get blocked and if you are focused on foot position as a PU you will miss more important things like pitch location or swing or no swing.

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