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Yearly stats


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I just went through my first year and I counted the following.  Its not at the level of others here, but, I thought it was interesting.

56 - total games which includes

3 - Div 1 intrasquad games

2 - JUCO intrasquad games

2 - SemiPro games

15 or so games in two day tournaments

and a few with various age groups from 8 yo to Varsity HS games - majority being JV and V games.

4 Ejections (2 Assistant Coaches, 2 players)

2 Pairs of pants

9 shirts

1 each of ball bags, masks, cups, tights, shin guards, chest protector

1 exterior jacket

2 hats

2 undershirts

+1000 miles

1 missed call... ha!  just wanted to see if anyone got this far....

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Hah, you sound like me.  I got my first D1 non con and did four games in MLB Draft League, but also had a game where I was assigned wrong field and it was a 9u game, and I was like, well, ok…and it was fun!!! Fun to get back to the roots of game and I even called an obstruction, haha

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Number of ejections:  6

Number of times I failed to eject when, in hindsight, I should have:  0

It was a good year.

[As the years go by, I begin to believe more and more that these are the only stats that matter.]

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