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Ahhh....the good ol' days....


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2 minutes ago, beerguy55 said:

Ken Kaiser was a douchebag and Exhibit A to why MLB accepted all the umps' resignations in '99.

Do you play, coach, or umpire?


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18 hours ago, urout17 said:





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you might like the last sentence taken from of an old article about the Wolf brothers

"The Wolfs aren't the only brothers to take up the player and umpire roles. Tom Haller, a catcher for the Giants and Dodgers in the 1960s had to deal with his brother Bill occasionally calling balls and strikes. One such game happened on July 14, 1972. Former coach and manager Terry Bevington's brother Zach umpired in the minors".

and an old article of a Bevington ejection.


don't know if the Bevinton brothers ever met in a game and how that worked out. sorry.

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