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Adidas Icon, Team Wendy, Adidas Pads and more


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Hey everyone, I'm looking to sell some extra equipment I don't have a use for. 

Adidas Icon Mask with Team Wendy pads. I washed the TW pads and updated the picture below. $30 shipped for the pads. 

Bob Davidson frame sold, still have the pads +POS mask. $20 shipped. 

Brand New Adidas mask pads in Maroon and Green. $20 shipped each, let me know if you want them both and we can work something out. 

Brand New All-Star mask harness. $15 shipped to cover shipping, but let me know if you want to bundle with something else and we can work that out. 

PM me with any questions or offers, I'm more than happy to bundle whatever you want. Thanks!




UE 4.jpg

UE 5.jpg

UE 6.jpg

UE 7.jpg

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On 10/20/2021 at 10:06 PM, cjroman said:

Would you consider a package of the Icon frame only and the All-Star harness?  Thanks. 

Just dropped you payment for the Adidas frame and All-Star harness.  Thanks. 

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