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your HS varsity strike zone.


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it might also matter whether it's directly over the middle of the plate and near the letters/ knees or it's near the edge of the plate AND near the letters / knees -- some might say a pitcher can miss (a bit) in one direction and get a call, but can't miss in two directions
another analogy some have used:  the strike zone isn't a rectangle, it's more of an egg shape, with the pointy end at the top.

Yeah, that’s what we need as amateur umpires, fewer strikes being called.

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On 9/29/2021 at 2:31 PM, Mister B said:

Last weekend, I rung a kid up on a low outside fastball. He was pissed. As he stormed back to the dugout, the on-deck batter says, "That's been a strike all day, you gotta swing at that." 

The smarter kids/players usually key in on what's being called and adjust accordingly. I had a similar experience in my baseball debut when I called a low outside strike in the bottom of the last inning. The ODB said, "He's been calling it all day, you have to be ready for that!"

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