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Foul Tip vs Foul Ball


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I just finished watching the video I missed the slow mo replay.  I think that should have been foul tip. to me thats clearly now on the exchange. at real speed I admit it looks like it squirted out.  slowed down replay it looks like the ball is not spinning or moving and he sticks his hand in the glove and then it drops as his hand knocked it out. 



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4 minutes ago, Jimurray said:

It seems that way. No review possible but why not come out and ask Joe what he had with the possibility of getting with the crew.

That's my thing...at that point in the game it seems to me that Cora would've argued a bit harder for the possibility of a consult. That's the most surprising piece...it's possible that maybe a base guy sees F2 reaching for the baseball? 

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On 9/27/2021 at 9:22 AM, johnnyg08 said:

Is this simply a miss by the crew and a passive response from Cora? Or is there an intricacy somewhere in the rules that I'm missing about securing the foul tip? 


don't forget uncle joe came from an era that originally had a much stricter judgment for catch/no catch/complete control/clean exchange etc, anywhere on the field.

and on another note. i got 41 of the 43 and that may not be right (checked them myself and did not use CCS help) needed games for Davis to reach after his plate job in Arizona Sunday. He did not work last night. Is he going to get them during the week, or with so many guys out, are they going to let him get them in the playoffs, since he did not start until the end of july???

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