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Official mound visit

Guest Ted H


My OLB book explains that a coach stopping to talk to the pitcher on the mound between innings shall count as a visit. It references MLB rule 5.10 (l), but looking at my MLB 2020 rulebook I am not finding that rule. Was it dropped from the official rules? I now wish I had been saving MLB Rulebooks each year rather than pitching them.

Thanks for your help!

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13 minutes ago, Guest Ted H said:

So a coach walking from the 1st base coaches box can stop at the mound, on the way to the dugout, and not have his team charged with a visit? Still not seeing it in MLB

It's not actually in the rules. Other codes don't charge a visit and most of us at the amateur level would probably rule the same in an OBR game. But I think the pro interp is that counts as a trip.

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Mr. Ted H, perhaps what you are looking for is actually in rule 5.10(m). It is the current rule that deals with mound visit limitations. It was added to the rule book in 2018...

The Official Playing Rules Committee made the following changes that will be in effect for the 2018 season:

• Established new Rule 5.10(m) limiting the number of mound visits per game.

And there were several amendments to that rule in 2019.


From the 2021 Minor League Baseball Umpire Manual (p. 88):

Any mound visit during an inning break or pitching change…

by managers or coaches shall result in that team being charged with a mound visit if they visit the mound during an inning break or after a new pitcher enters the game…

For high school a coach can visit his pitcher between innings if he does not delay the start of the next half-inning (see case book play 3.4.1H).

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