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Greetings all


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Been lurking a while, decided to register.  I'm a softball ump from PA doing mostly youth FP but will dabble in adult SP games as well.  I also regularly officiate at the PA Summer Games for the Special Olympics.  I am a volunteer fire police officer in my local community (we set up detours and keep traffic off the scene so the "smoke eaters" can do their jobs) and am active in my local church.

This is where I give my resume, right?  Started umpiring in 2012 when my kids were old enough that I wasn't coaching them anymore.  I gave enough blues a hard time over the years, I figured it was my turn in the barrel.  Only current registration is with USA softball, but I have done Pony and USSSA in the past.  I have been approached by multiple people around here to start doing NFHS (PIAA is the state org) because of the usual shortage of umpires.  I am considering that for next season, but that remains to be seen still.

Anyway, I love to talk about rules, game situations, and just shoot the bull.  I'm a bit terse sometimes, so please don't take that as arrogance.  Just the facts, ma'am.  

See you around the empire.


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On 7/21/2021 at 9:38 AM, kylehutson said:

There are several of us that started umpiring when we stopped coaching our kids.

Yes I'd say a lot of us.  Seemed like a natural progression to me.

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Welcome! I too am a new member here and started umpiring when my kid aged out of my local LL and they (like everyone) needed umpires. I've learned so much following discussions here. BTW, I worked at Merck in West Point for a while...not too far from your neck of the woods. Great to meet folks from the Philly area.

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