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PU Calls Time in Middle of Delivery


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2 hours ago, agdz59 said:

Does this count as making a mockery of the game?

Not just "no"...

That's a pitcher using the weapons in his disposal, completely legally. If you want to go the "mockery" route, it better be for something that even the player's own manager is saying "yeah, that was a little shady"

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I'll play devil's advocate. 

Merely saying something is legal may, in the circumstances, be insufficient. If something is illegal, you don't need the "making mockery" provision; you rely on whatever rule applies. But if only applied to illegal acts, the provision is, as lawyers would say, surplusage, an illogical reading. Logically, then, the "making mockery" prohibition must apply to otherwise legal actions that, in context, go over the line.

The "making mockery" provision must be there for a reason, however odd, unforeseen or unique that occasion might be. Whether to apply it to any particular conduct, legal or not, is a matter of game management, after we've determined, in the exercise of our judgment, that the conduct is excessive. 

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