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Vandy VS NC State - Fair Foul Controversy


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Anyone watching this game?


hard ground ball down 3rd base line, U3 calls foul, ball had hit the foul line just behind the bag, umps get together, reverse call, awarded 2nd (correctly IMO), then get a call from the review team... you cannot reverse the call on the field, batter back in the box.

Still image - will update with video if I find one 



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3 minutes ago, ArchAngel72 said:

So if the field cannot reverse the call WHY THE HELL CAN THE BOOTH REVERSE IT?



Based on "getting the call right" either with or without video review capability you can't change foul to fair on that bounding ball. On another note the location of the divit does not make that bounding ball fair. It is pretty good evidence the the ball did bound over some part of 3B which would make it fair.  

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1 hour ago, Jimurray said:

Based on "getting the call right"  

To elaborate with the rulebook cite:   Appendix E Section 1(c)

Getting the Call Right without the use of video review:

(c) In the situations listed below, a partner who is 100 percent certain he has additional information unknown to the umpire making the call should approach unsolicited and alert the other umpire to such information. However, the ultimate decision to change a call rests with the calling umpire. 
(8) Changing a call of “foul” to “fair.”

Note: Umpires may conference after a batted ball that first touches the ground or a fielder beyond the initial position of the first or third baseman and has been ruled "foul". After consultation with the entire umpire crew, the Crew Chief will place the base runners where the crew believes they would have advanced had the ball been first ruled fair. The Crew Chief and crew should be conservative on their placement of base runners.


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