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Nearly a unicorn...the plate meeting ejection


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Men's league, 40+, regular season game and all teams qualify for the playoffs...

We start the plate meeting and then discuss local rules and ground rules. The field has high poles and netting (25' high?) from the left fair pole around to about RCF at which point it drops to a 5 foot high chain link fence with yellow, drain pipe capping. The HTM says a batted ball that clears the high netting is a HR. A batted ball that hits the net and drops is a live ball and playable. He also added a caveat that the lower edge sags and balls may become hung up and that is, by their league's local modifications a dead ball. Batter is awarded a GRD and all other runners receive two bases from TOP.

The VTM totally explodes...What!?!?! No, no, no! A ball that hits the high netting is a HR! We ask if either manager has printed local rule modifications from their league or can show us on their website. They both say no and my partner says, absent written rules when we have a dispute about ground rules, the umpires will decide the matter at hand. Both my partner and I agree we have never seen this field called the way VTM is describing and we therefore go with the HTM's description. (Our assignor later confirmed HTM was correct.)

As we end the plate meeting, VTM just can't let it go and just starts in with filth-filth-flarnin-filth (none of it directed at us) saying the last 3 games he played here, balls hitting the netting were ruled HRs. I told him that may have been the case, my partner and I weren't there. But, today, for this game...this is the ruling. He just kept repeating how effing unbelievable this all was...and finally we walked away to leave him to his thoughts and got the game going. There was nothing further.

Did I mention not ONE of his hitters drove a ball beyond an outfielder?

What do you have here, brothers? I got to where I wanted to be...but, again I think the journey was rockier than it needed to be.


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What is the purpose of the netting?  Is it to protect houses, or a walking path, or a flower garden, that are beyond the fence?  If it’s for protection, I’d argue it should be a home run, as the wall is the typical barrier that must be cleared for a HR.

If it was designed to be a tougher “wall” to clear, then sounds like you were correct, but I don’t know why they didn’t just build a higher wall…

As for the game management piece, I wouldn’t have entertained him so long.  

“Coach, these are the ground rules for both teams, play by them or you’re free to forfeit, but we aren’t going to argue about them”

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5 minutes ago, SeeingEyeDog said:

@SH0102, netting is for protection. There are homes just beyond the netting.


Idk, you said it was confirmed you were correct, but generally a protective netting is not the barrier that needs to be cleared for a HR.

They made a field, with a wall, and then added netting to protect homes.  I’d think above wall is HR too, but not so much I’d be an a$$ about it

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