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FPSR Violation Ends Game 1 of the CWS


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11 minutes ago, Tborze said:

I appreciate the discussion!  
Thanks all!  Especially you @Thunderheadsfor piling on🙂

So, by rule, the same call should be made if the runner got into a pickle?  JK

I understand the safety aspect which was the purpose of my original response. 

Sorry :) didn't see you acknowledge that the call was actually correct ... didnt' mean to pile on

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6 minutes ago, zoops said:

@johnnyg08Do you have a clip of the one in NCST-Vandy today?  Believe it was the 7th inning and the announcers were sure that FPSR should have been called.  

Not yet. I was umpiring today so I'm watching it on DVR. I'm currently in the B5. I'll have it within the hour. Thanks for the heads up. 

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9 hours ago, clasonater said:

Was that Van Rap?  Dude's a machine.  Good time to call it too, 1st game and all, sends a message that crews are on the lookout.  I'd almost bet if he didn't call it, skips coming out.  

Yes...but we all know that when we call FPSR or don't call it, we're getting a visit from the offense OR the defense. Every single time. 

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