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Good Enough for Summer Ball


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We had one get close, about two feet on the fair territory side, so it wasn't controversial.  

This is a NCAA D3 field.  School is hosting a select/travel tournament.  The guy that laid down the "line(s)" (who shall remain un-named) wanted to get the lines down the night before, BUT, the school had a "lights out policy" for that night in support of an Astronomy program, so the field lights could not be turned on.  He figured he'd done this enough times that he could literally do it in the dark.  He got 3B line done just fine.  On the 1B line he fell victim to the string getting caught up on the striping machine and drifting off course, and he didn't notice it in the dark naturally.  You'd think the second attempt, now weary of "string drift" would go better, but no, it did not.  All the coaches were good sports about it (probably because we didn't have any close calls though!).

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