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3 minutes ago, aaluck said:

But now, any coach I have had in the past is dead quiet on balls/strikes.

Not picking a fight, I swear... but, really? There are degrees to this right?

Level 0: "Good spot Johnny" on close pitch that's balled

Level 1: "Ohhhh"

Level 2: "Oh, Come on!"

Level 3: "Where did that MISS!?!"


Level [x]: non profane version of "you suck blue"

Level [x+1]: profane version of 2-4

Level [x+2]: profane version of "you suck blue"

Level 10: "What, they don't make the rulebook in braile?"


This is a point of emphasis for me as I genuinely want to curtail the chirping but 98% of it is below level 2 and I ignore it. 

I've never had above level 4. For Level 3 a death stare and/or stop sign has been successful (so far). Level 4 will get verbal warning/talking to (handful of times and it's nipped - got an apology the other day in fact).

I'd love to get everything to Level 0 (or Level 1 on the climatic moments). 

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he shouldn't have had a chance to flip you off.   Time to go sparky.

Drawing a line is one of those actions that warrants an immediate ejection...even without any prior warnings.  It is a "skip go, don't collect $200, go straight to jail," offense.  This is true at the

He just said he gave him a Trump like heave of a wave. How is that politicizing it? He just described how it was done. I don't think he made a reference to Trump during the ejection. I don't think any

4 minutes ago, Velho said:

Level 0: "Good spot Johnny" on close pitch that's balled

Level 1: "Ohhhh"

I don't really consider these arguing balls and strikes.  Its the 'right way' to let me know what you think--if you must, as it doesn't matter what the coach thinks.

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