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FPSR Wipes the Game Winning Run and We Head to Extras


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9 minutes ago, johnnyg08 said:


So U2 drifted to see the open glove side of the pivot, taking away from a good angle on the illegal (IMHO) slide. i would like to think I would have seen it but can we allow U1 to call this where i don't call it and we don't have replay or do we have to conference?

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I think it's iffy if this is FPSR--the slide was wide, but it's debatable as to its effects.

I'm getting this for the intentional interference. 

Also, I don't like the idea of U1 getting this until a conference. If someone other than the umpire on top of the play has something that will change the call, I would like all inputs to be considered and synthesized.

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I’m with @Matt on the intentional INT (left hand and arm reaching to induce contact), but I don’t think a U1 sees this at game speed. It’s not something he’s anticipating, as he’s watching for a “true throw” from a middle infielder, prompting him follow the throw to F3 and the arrival of BR at 1B. Maybe he sees something, @Jimurray, but he has less than a second to process it, and can’t let it distract him from his primary component responsibility of the play. 

Maybe an astute PU sees it, but it’s a hard sell at 125 feet away, and doubtful when he has R3 touching the plate AtST. 

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27 minutes ago, noumpere said:

No one can get this except U2 and replay.  SO, in the games we do without replay, ... ;)


I think it is possible for a post season division 1 umpire to see a hand to the groin area on a slide into 2B working with ≥ to four umpires. 

If not for replay, I think this would've been a pretty big miss. 



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