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Runner is out when...


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The batter-runner is out when:

a. he intentionally interferes with the catcher's attempt to field the ball after a third strike

I can't remember, is the rule still exactly as it reads or did the Fed give a "clearly hindered" clarification like OBR and NCAA?

By rule...it's pretty clear that we still need intent. 

What says the group?

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Here’s the official interpretation that can be found in the 2016 BRD (section 290, p. 190):

OBR Official Interpretation:  Wendelstedt:  After ball four, a batter becomes a runner. Since the ball is not batted, any hindrance that occurs on the catcher or the catcher’s throw must be intentional for interference to be called.

For the FED the BRD states that there is no provision and to treat it as in OBR.

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