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I'm not gonna defend that in ANY way, because it can't be.  But let me share a few random points out there to address different issues.  (I haven't been in Texas but three years, and I'm not remotely softball, so some of this *might* be wrong, but into the breech....)

-- There aren't protests in Texas.  At least not in baseball, so I'd guess/assume it's the same in SB.

-- For the numerous "how are these guys doing championship' games  (And/or "playoff"?)???" queries:  given that this just happened, that was likely a first-round playoff game/series.  Baseball starts the first round this week, so that would be about right.  From what I can tell, there are about 100 BILLION teams that make the first round here.  I feel like I'm only slightly exaggerating, given the records of some of the teams in the BB first round.  And I can say that our chapter has already said it's 'all hands on deck' for round one, at least, due to the sheer numbers.  Also, teams can apparently request "outside" chapters do their playoff games, so that can create body-count demands as well.

And again, not saying a word about the play.  Not least of which because MY first-round series starts tonight, and karma, as they say, is a bitch.

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this is ALSO why the armchair umpires go online and bash umpires, lumping us all together.

Who cares what level this is. This is embarrassing. How in the heck did all three geniuses not correct this situation?   This is basic. And to those of you who are new umpires, this is why w

I'm going to choose not to say anything .................................. except ... THIS IS THE REASON COACHES HATE US!

I *think* "Bi-district championship game" is a fancy way of saying "Second round matchup."

Four teams per district make the playoffs - which is weird, especially when it's a 4-team district.  Then there's some cross-district, where teams from your district cross-over and play some other district.  (I have ZERO idea how that's determined.)  So even my first-round series tonight is a "bi-district" round.  Although, now that I'm thinking it out, with the math and all, I guess that means there *might* be a third-round, to get a champion from that bi-district match-up .... 8 down to 4 down to 2 down to 1.

Hell, I don't know, man;  I'm just going where Arbiter sends me.  I just wanted to point out that this series was likely early-on in the process, and between the sheer number of matchups, and the universal need everywhere for umpires, you might not be seeing A-listers.

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