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2021 MLBUM?


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Any leads on the 2021 MLBUM

In the past I've purchased them from ABUA but now much of that site seems like it's loaded with malware which is unfortunate. 

I know ump-attire currently has stock of the 2021 OBR and will have stock of the 2021 MiLB manual. 

Thanks. If you have a private lead, PM works too. 

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1 minute ago, BigBlue4u said:

The pressure is a privilege? Please explain that.

Sure. The pressure of a big game, someone or entity trusting me & my crew to handle an earned assignment or important situation...it's a privilege to be on the field, put there as a steward of the game to maintain its integrity. Within that privilege is a certain amount of pressure to succeed and perform the job we were asked to do. 

Happy New Year! 

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Big 👍 @johnnyg08  It’s a great quote.

Some historical context for those interested:

“Pressure is a privilege” was said often by tennis legend Billie Jean King

“Usually if you have tremendous pressure, it’s because an opportunity comes along.” She remembers thinking about the phrase on Centre Court at Wimbledon, realising that she had been dreaming about this moment and feeling a lot of pressure. Even then, she could appreciate how incredible it was to be standing there. “Most of the time... if you really think about it… usually it’s a privilege.”


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