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Good Ejection or not?


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On 4/1/2021 at 12:34 PM, ERW27 said:

U1 is quite close to the base. F1 makes the play and turns away from foul line (as every pitcher does on a 3-1 putout). He takes 2 maybe 3 steps and bumps into U1. He is then ejected for making contact with an official.  Thoughts?

If F1 gets the Out, then why would he intentionally bump U1??!!

Do the math; it ain't hard. This particular U1 is full of crap and full of himself. Take a page from the other major sports involving athletes in motion and officials – basketball, football, soccer, hockey... you name it – how many times have we seen inadvertent contact happen? Countless. Guy finishes a sweeping layup or baseline jumper, and ends up careening into the baseline basketball referee. Soccer defender misreads an angle and bumps into the center referee, who is fixated on the ball and direct play upon it. I can't tell you how many times hockey linesmen and floaties (referees) have gotten caught up in physical jostling or checks (I'm not even mentioning fights). Then, do we fail to remember how often, to our occasional comic amusement, that referees have bumped into players – and vice versa – while the referee is indicating a penalty while a down change is going on? 

On 4/1/2021 at 2:01 PM, ERW27 said:

He said, "there does not need to be intent. You make contact in any form, you need to go!"

Well, if he's got that high-and-mighty, inflated perception of himself that "he will not be made contact with", then he's a $h!tty official. :shrug: I don't care if I'm "slamming" a fellow umpire with "decades" of experience. He gives all of us a bad name. 

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There's something missing here...Whether this is Div 1, Div2 or NAIA, or some backwater JuCo, something doesn't fit...not as described.  Baseball or softball, don't care.

First, as others have stated, there's going to be video, of some kind.  Something so ridiculous would be on Youtube by now.

Second, there's nfw this isn't followed by a formal protest and review.  EVERY college coach in North America plays the rest of this game under protest, and/or appeals both the ejection and suspension three seconds after the game ends.  And ALMOST every college coach gets ejected after reacting to this ineptitude.   Like said above, unless the coach is Mother Teresa this game does not end with just one ejection.

I have a hard time believing a college umpire, who has umpired "for decades" has gone through 20-30 years of games, ejecting a player every time he's experienced incidental contact, and not getting reprimanded/educated/reviewed/protested at any other point in his career to learn that simple lesson.

There's more to this story.

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I would call the ejection bush league, but it seems to go way beyond bush league.  With as horrible as that ejection seems to be, there HAS to be video of it.

If I was this guy's assignor, he would NOT get any more games from me!

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