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2021 NFHS COVID Baseball Modifications (from OHSAA 3/11/21)

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On 3/19/2021 at 9:50 AM, HokieUmp said:

I .... ah .... don't know that I want to work a game with you, 'Stu.  My already active imagination is going friggin' INSANE right now.

I have... it's everything you think it is and more! Lol

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You REALLY want to think about "weird" regarding handling baseballs. The state is "allowing us" to use tongs if we so choose to handle baseballs! 

After the success of their mask shield, Force 3 is going to be producing a belt-hook, ball-tong combo.

I had baseballs in my ball bag last night.  Our state did away with baseball modifications and returned to normal.  Home team provides 3 and we play.  I could have allowed them to handle the baseballs

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57 minutes ago, MadMax said:

Thongs ???? 

Balls and thongs do not belong in the same sentence. 

It's a charity drive.  Thongs for balls.

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