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FED Substitutions

Mister B

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So I'm helping out my freshman son's HS team by coaching the seniors for a Spring Break Tournament. District rules don't allow the school coaches to do so. Being the beginning of the season after missing last season, I want to make sure the seniors get maximum field time, but I have some underclassmen with us since there are only 7 seniors (Covid was awful, his football team only has 1 returning senior). This is my first game where I haven't batted the roster and could substitute on a whim, plus I may decide to start working higher level (for me) games, since Covid has also wiped out the ranks of sport officials. 

So are players linked to each other or to their space in the batting order? 

Let's say I have the following scenario: 

F1 - Abel
F9 - Bill
F6 - Cain
Bench - Delta
Bench - Edger

Abel is reaching his pitching limit (it's pre-season, nobody is going over 40) Can I substitute Delta (>F9) for Bill (>Bench) and then switch Abel (F1>F9) and Delta(F9>F1) on the field?

Can I then switch Cain (F6>F1) and Delta (F1>F6) on the Field? or bring in Edger(Bench>F1) for Delta (F1>Bench)

then substitute Bill for Delta or Edger at either F1 or F6? 

Players would only be changing in Bill's original hitting slot. 

This is fairly confusing, so thanks for any help. I could find rules about subbing in pitchers, but not other positions. So I believe a starter can be brought back in a second time, but a sub is done when he's pulled. 

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Here's the basics for FED substitutions.

First, what you say about re-entry is correct. Starters may re-enter once after being subbed for. If you remove a sub from the game, he's done for the rest of the game. Starters must re-enter in the same lineup spot.

We don't care where players play in the field. You can move them around at will, before, during, or after an inning. The main restriction is that a new pitcher must pitch to at least one batter until he's retired, gets on base, or the inning ends.

So, your double switch scenario is fine F1 goes to RF, F9 comes out, and a sub comes in to pitch (batting in the starting F9's spot). 

If I understand it, your other substitution scenario is ok too.

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