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Chief, the ads are TOO MUCH!!!

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Speaking as an IT pro... most likely not. I use a VPN to connect to my workplace(s) - that's perfectly valid and another issue altogether. Using a VPN so you can get to Netflix in another co

The ads are off again while I play with it.  I thought I would put my goals of ads out there gust as an FYI... This site will never make millions of dollars and that's fine, I've operated th

Pssssst... @Umpire in Chief... I call dibs on Maven's share of the Ad Revenue dividends then!  Heh, I'd be just like an (most) assigner(s)... 

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14 hours ago, Aging_Arbiter said:

RELEASE THE KRACKEN ADS!!  Now they are worse than before........for me anyway

What I'm going to do is disable the Google auto ads. and do them manually. It will probably be over sometime this weekend.

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On 1/3/2021 at 10:56 AM, Vegas_Ump said:

Mac:  You may have maleware that snuck onto your computer!  This will literally seek advertisers' web sites, and even some unsavory ones!  "Aggressive Pop-up ads" are symptoms of malware!

Suggest you run your virus detector often and get a VPN that will make your computers and phones "invisible" to evildoers.

Good luck!


Las Vegas

My computer is clean and I'm already on a VPN.  If you read the thread above, the site owner was messing with settings.

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