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How do you keep your shirt tucked in?


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Hi all,

I’m taking an engineering class in my high school, and one of my challenges is to come up with several products. One of my ideas is to come up with a new product for keeping a umpire shirt tucked in. That being said, I would love if you could take a few seconds of your time to fill out a survey for me. The class record survey is 130 people to fill a survey out, and I would like to beat it.




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Just a thought, since we have at least one fuddy-duddy here. :wacko:

Join the "UMPIRE WORLD" Facebook group (if you haven't already) and post it there. This group tends to be more knowledgeable and serious about getting things right, but the Facebook group has a lot more people, if you're looking for a lot of responses.

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