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Balling a pitch; stand up first or no.


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9 minutes ago, Beacher80 said:

Is the general consensus to call a ball from down in your stance, or stand up like you would a strike?

No 'general consensus' here, it is gospel/taught at every level

STAY DOWN!   Pitch:   staying down in your stance -  "ball" ....  stand up.

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On 11/6/2020 at 4:11 PM, ArchAngel72 said:

Stay down in stance dont move anything call "Ball"  wait about 2 seconds if you can and nothing else is going on and then reset to get ready for the next thing



While not incorrect, .... I wouldn't bother w/counting or concerning yourself with how much time you wait or stay down in your stance to call a ball.   Just stay in your stance, call ball, then stand up.

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