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Last game of the year - game ending EJ and almost got a concussion getting dressed


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Last night, Babe Ruth Double Header. First game goes to the time limit, so we're already behind.

. I'm on the bases 2nd game. Partner rings up a kid on a beautiful pitch to end the 5th. He throws his bat, then throws his helmet. Partner says "Hey 2, you're probably gonna want to hold onto that helmet" and turns to retrieve some baseballs. I see that the kid is about to be stupid, and he stops, turns, and flips off my partner behind his back. I said "2, you're done!" and tell his coach. They only had 9 players, so game over! Coach comes up later and tells us he kicked the kid off his team after the game.

So between these games though, I'm changing at the car. We're about 90 yards from the other field's home plate and almost that from the RF line. My friend yells "Look out!" and I hear a thunk. I'm looking all around the car, trying to find what got hit and where the ball is. And finally, I see it:




They thought on the field it shattered a car window, but my trusty Force 3 mask caught it (left side).


The ball missed my head by 18" at the most. I'm pretty sure it would've knocked me out. Had my trunk been closed, it would've been a nasty dent and possibly broken window off the ricochet.

I feel very fortunate that I was standing where I was!

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1 minute ago, KenBAZ said:

Ha, are you sure that's not a picture of my trunk?

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Dang, yours is as poorly organized as mine this year? I'm pretty embarrassed about my lack of organizational skills this season.

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