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1 hour ago, aaluck said:

I started another post about this with the NB shoes.  Are they discontinuing the v3?

Not necessarily. Price fluctuations on Amazon are the result of different vendors and sources pricing them to their own value scale and desired profit margin. Amazon itself does not set the price.

Various vendors are experiencing stagnant inventories, obviously due to COVID effects on the market. And, as @JimKirk can attest, a stagnant inventory is very problematic to a vendor. These vendors are going to try to unload their inventories before the end of the year, assuredly. If they've got a "hot" or popular size, they'll set the price rather high. Conversely, if they have an obscure size (such as 7, or 14) or width, they'll price it to move.

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On 11/17/2020 at 1:38 PM, aaluck said:

I started another post about this with the NB shoes.  Are they discontinuing the v3?

Answered on your new post that the V3s are NOT being discontinued.

What has happened is because NB switched logos AND changed SKU numbers it has been problematic to rid inventory/SKUs from the previous logo to make room for the new logo current SKUs.

For automated processes, like we use (e.g. website real-time inventory sync & bar code scanning for packing), this made things a little more complicated for us and confusing for customers. At one time, that meant we had about 8 NB plate shoe styles, rather than the typical 4.

Why we wrote the article. https://www.ump-attire.com/Blog/PRODUCT-ALERT-MLB-Logo-vs-NB-Logo-on-New-Balance-Umpire-Shoes

We did add a nice little feature that if say you are looking for a size 10 mid cut all black and it’s out, we have a link right there to the same (but other logo) shoe. :)


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On 12/4/2020 at 2:08 PM, BaltimoreUmpire said:

Are 3n2’s a bad shoe for someone who works 16 at most?

I would do a search for 3n2 shoes to see what others think.

Personally, I would never wear them. But I also have read a ton of reviews by people that swear by them. Like everything else on here... YMMV.

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