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Djokovic defaulted

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Djokovic defaulted for unintentionally hitting lineswoman when swatting the ball, after play had ended.

Lineswoman is all right but injured enough to have to be replaced.

You spend all day trying to make correct calls with 120-135 mph serves coming at you and dodging them while making the call, and then you get whacked by a player even though not premeditated or intentional, during downtime from out of the blue, which you should never ever have to worry about no matter what.

Only 2 courts using human linespersons (Ashe and Armstrong). Will this lead more quickly to robo calls which were being used at all the other courts and no arguing or challenges to robo calls.

Only ones on court would be ball persons on each end of the court, 2 at each end.



Djokovic had drilled (much harder than the lineswoman) a sideline panel out of frustration without penalty apparently. Waiting to see if he by chance got a warning for that, even if an off the books one.

Added 9/10

Start at 1:45 for earlier incident mentioned above in P.S.


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Though 100% an accident. The DQ was a good one. Only one sport considered itself more of a "gentleman's game" than golf. And that's tennis!

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