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Thoughts on Uncap vs Skull Cap

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1 hour ago, wolfe_man said:

As my cousin says, it's not the years - it's the miles!

Your cousin ain’t Indiana Jones!!!



On 9/25/2020 at 12:46 PM, JimKirk said:

it’s easier for me to make the blanket recommendation “wear the UMPIRE skull cap - not a traditional coach’s helmet - if you are an umpire”. (We/You know it will work with your mask).

I’m becoming more of an advocate for the Skuly by the day, because it represents the first real cohesive step towards head protection for us umpires. Especially when we consider the alternatives, and the reasons (or excuses) that are given for using a HSM, or wearing a full-brimmed skullcap... backwards. 

Today finds me back in Wisconsin, filling in and picking up a few games of HS-age Fall League Baseball... and I’m bewildered by my colleagues who are wearing a veritable circus of headgear, all because the backstops are “too close”. And then the two guys wearing skullcaps backwards do so because “they can’t wear their masks right with it brim forward”.


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Every time I see the Cobalt skully, I can't help but think of this....

Sorry to hear your current hat didn't fit. I just pulled in mine for a few minutes and it was a perfect fit. It also stretched a little after a few games I think. 

Ask and you shall receive. 

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