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Whelp...I heaved a coach in a 12 year-old game


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On 8/2/2020 at 11:01 AM, Matt said:

Don't. Umpires, as a matter of practicality, will not forfeit a game (unless we have been told specifically to handle given situations with that consequence.) We suspend and let the governing body determine the outcome.

  1. An umpire will already be perceived by some as biased and/or emotional because of the conflict of the coach. Sometimes this may actually be true.
  2. Having the governing body rule on it strengthens the credibility of the umpire.
  3. If the governing body does not agree that it should be a forfeit, the umpire has not declared something that was reversed (which it would have been anyway if they had declared one.)


Unless the governing body defines it - had a league where not only was an ejection a fine, but if the coach wasn't off the field in 60 seconds it was a forfeit - that was black and white.  Now, if the coach left the field and decided to stay in the stands and yap, then that would be something ump could report to the executive and have them deal with it (and he could use judgment to start ejecting other coaches too, suspend the game until said coach left, etc)...

Most of it was very clearly written in the league bi-laws...the rest was outlined in the pre-season meeting between the board, the coaches and the UIC.   It was a very clear message to the coaches...and over five years I'm pretty sure the entire league averaged one or two ejections per season.

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