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The return of baseball in NJ

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If it helps, I have been running Fire/EMS/Rescue calls through the whole pandemic. It got a bit hairy here on Long Island for about 8 weeks there, where it was surging to the point that entering the ER we had to steer our patients around COVID people sitting in chairs in the corridors and entrances to the ER, right to ER nurses and docs that were dressed like there were HAZMAT techs at a nuclear accident. Luckily it never got overwhelming, and the chiefs/heads that be came up with some great policies that help lower the risk of us first responders catching the cooties, without breaking the bank or going crazy on hazmat suits:

1) masks PROPERLY donned as trained - NOT like that picture of being donned over your ump mask:

a. surgical/cloth on fire calls, on the back of fire apparatus, and at rescue scenes where you are outside and not the direct patient care person 

b, N95 (usually with a surgical or cloth over the N95), again properly donned, on all EMS calls, in EMS rigs/ambulances, at the ER, and at rescue scenes that are indoors or you are direct patient care/exposure

c. eye, hand/body PPE where protocols require, optional otherwise


a. for EMS, restricted to 2 persons exposed: EMT and driver. All other personnel stay outside and not permitted to go in ambulance with patient or to an ER

b. for Rescue/Fire, MINIMUM personnel needed inside or near patients/victims, determined by officer and size-up

c. get patients to come outside to you when possible, and transport only to closest hospital that has the certifications to handle your patient/problem

d. run with windows open and rear ventilation on and full blast

3) WASH Hands and sanitizer/bleach with water after each call

4) ALL social areas and ready room CLOSED to personnel during pandemic - minimize contact with your partners/personnel - at one point the firehouse was "closed" - alarms only, respond from home only

AND, it worked - we had NO COVID positives in the personnel as of this email, and I last got tested (active and antibodies) two weeks ago, all clean.

So I would say, if us umpires work the same way, we can minimize the risk:

1) Wear a surgical or cloth mask PROPERLY from pre game in the parking lot to post game.

2) DO NOT socialize, or hang out and get dressed in a clubhouse or scorekeepers box - parking lot only

3) wash hands/sanitizer after EVERY Game

4) Avoid handling equipment, and why not, even baseballs (wouldn't hurt)

5) skip the pregame, or make it 5 seconds (Hi I'm Bob, you guys work out the lineups yourselves, everyone good to go? let's go)

6) stay away from dugouts (shouldn't you anyways?)

7) hand sanitizer during the game if contact is made with equipment or persons

8) in between games, don't congregate/go into a clubhouse etc. Stay outside and 6 feet apart

I, for one, will feel quite safe doing these 8 things...

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