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How to become an NCAA umpire???

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On 12/10/2020 at 1:23 PM, MadMax said:

t never ceases to amaze me that, during classes and practicals, there's always "that guy" (or guys, plural) who brings up these third-world, once-in-a-career plays with all these complexities, and yet, get the guy on a live ball field, and he misses blatant interference (or obstruction). Live games are the crucible. 

I still VIVIDLY remember one of my first ever umpire classroom sessions. What I remember most from that, was someone asking the "ball hits a bird" and turns in a way that physics can't properly explain kind of question.

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I am going this year! I'm super stoked about it, even if there's no MiLB placement. I've been looking forward to it for 5 years now, so I don't mind going twice. 

I went to Harry’s this year. I was hired into MiLB and returned to a full college and HS schedule 

Short answer is yes. They are looking for the best umpires period. They don’t care where you come from, if you can work you can work. 

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