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3 man rotation when ball stays in the infield.

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On 4/4/2020 at 4:59 PM, MadMax said:

No, in 3-man, with R1, the only time PU rotates to 3B is on a ball that exits the infield, whether by grounder thru, liner, or fly ball.

So, let's cover how this works for various places the ball goes. Again, with R1 (only), U1 is in A, and U3 is in B-deep:

  1. Grounder thru the infield, any direction. Heading towards 3B, PU mirrors the movement of R1 to 2B, and as soon as he rounds 2B and commits to 3B, notifies / announces / calls to his U3 crewmate that he has 3B. This is a rotation (half of it; U1 only "completes" the other half, and rotates to HP if/when R1 commits to 3B).
  2. Liner to the outfield, any direction between F7 and F9. Same as (1).
  3. Liner to right field, Fair/Foul determination by U1. If U1 judges and signals Fair, and then sinks to watch the touch of 1B by BR, then PU is to rotate to 3B to take up position on the outside (foul side). Once BR has touched 1B, U1 will release BR to U3, and rotate to HP (calling "Rotate! Rotate!" to his crewmates). If U1 goes out (down RFL) to judge Fair/Foul (thus, a longer determination), then PU rotates to 3B to take up position on the inside (fair side), anticipating a possible overthrow / mishandled reception, and R1 advancing to HP, which PU will have to move to cover. U1 is out, and must remain out. This reverts to 2-man mechanics.
  4. Liner to left field, Fair/Foul determination by PU. Move towards 3B, in a controlled manner, on the line so as to first judge Fair/Foul, and any potential catch/no-catch. Signal appropriately. If Fair, complete the rotation by arriving at 3B in the best position reflective of the throw. Once BR has touched 1B, U1 will be reading R1's movements, and if he commits to 3B, U1 will complete the rotation just like (3b).
  5. Fly ball to right field. U1 goes out (and should, with no or 1 runner on, and from A position). This reverts to 2-man. Rotate in accordance to ball/runner status (ball is uncaught, move towards 3B while mirroring R1; ball is caught (trouble catch), move towards 3B if/when R1 tags and advances; ball goes over the fence (HR), position yourself so you can watch the touches of 3B and HP by both R1 and BR).
  6. Fly ball to left field. Begin to move towards 3B. Catch/no-catch is U3's responsibility, but anticipate if the ball is uncaught. Rotate accordingly.
  7. Fly ball to left field, Fair/Foul "trouble" ball. As soon as it becomes PU's Fair/Foul call, it is also Catch/No-Catch. Move towards 3B in a controlled manner, just like (4). If Fair, and Uncaught, complete the rotation. If caught, complete the rotation only if R1 advances to R2 and commits to 3B.

Did I miss any?

Oh, besides this... grounder / pop-up / bunt that stays in the infield? No rotation. Not even on an overthrow.

If there is some guidance from a manual somewhere that directs U3 to go out in Play (6), then U1 is reacting accordingly (coming in on a D&G / pivot), and PU is rotating to 3B as per 2-man mechanics.

Thanks Max...the first few post had me scratching my head like is there a new me aha Nic...lol. 

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