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MLB Suspends Operations - Defining a Delay

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Major League Baseball suspended operations, cancelled the remainder of Spring Training, and postponed Opening Day, delaying the start of 2020's regular season by at least two weeks. Not just for MLB's sake, but for NBA, NHL, MLS, NCAA, and other sports leagues, it's important to define our...

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Go to 140 game schedule like minors. Institute 7 inning double headers on regular games (yes, you would get 2 for the price of 1). Expand rules for extra pitchers.

Work with player association for special exemption from full time status or some type of other status for a player who comes up to help out. Could cut down free agency time on back end if brought up for the emergency double headers. Give extra money in lieu of some benefits that would not happen if this were not emergency situation. This would effectively be a lot like what happened back during the war in 1940's as far as some players that might see a little time in the show who otherwise would not.

All hands on deck, that is, if the season can be """""safely"""" salvaged at all.

Let's go with some possible ideas if the game could not start back until June 20th.

This is America's past time and an incident like this, happening now, that could end in time to salvage something, could let the game shine brighter than ever. There would have to be some out of the box thinking. Play games in warm states or at the complexes before a WS at the end in Florida or California

So, any ideas from those who think outside the box for a living?


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