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Fayetteville, NC Area Umpires-Anyone need a partner on weekends March 14/15 or 21/22?

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I will be TDY for my job as an Army Civilian to Fort Bragg for most of March. I can bring my gear and work some games. I’ve already worked 8 college games so far this season thanks to some nice weather last weekend here in Joplin and KC, MO. I don’t like to work kid games. Only 15 year old and up. I am also NFHS certified in Kansas so I can work high school level as well if any exists. I can drive about an hour radius from Fayetteville to work and can work 3 to 4 games a day if need be. Prefer DH’s. I don’t step on a field for less than $65 per game though. A guy has to have standards. 15 years of high school and 13 years of college level umpiring experience. I think @umpstuand @mazzamouth can vouch that I won’t get you in trouble and that I’m not a reda$$ looking to dump guys either. 
email to dcteater@gmail.com if you know of anything. I can do MABL/MSBL too. I’ve worked their World Series in Arizona 2 years. 

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14 hours ago, Majordave said:

Headed to Fayetteville now.  No gear made the trip. So no umpiring this time. 

@Majordave , this sounds like a problem. And here I was under the impression and experience that you, sir, are a "Solutions" guy. It sounds like you're letting a problem get in the way.

I'm sure you could call in a favor with MAC (Military Airlift Command, for the un-acronym savvy) and have set of gear parachuted, can-dropped, or choppered in to your "deployment". It might not be your gear, but it would be useable gear.

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