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NFHS 2020 Rules/ PoE / Baseballs

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1 hour ago, MadMax said:

Are these NOCSAE certified too??!! I don’t know, AA... quality of play might be affected, despite your best intention on addressing the safety aspect.

Is the turf NOCSAE -rated and certified? Iddaknow, Kevin, the COR is so much different between turf and grass, it might imperil HS players to the point that the Fed needs to intervene and standardize everything.

Oh, and you’re going to despise me, and @KenBAZ and @Mr Ump ... we just finished games 5 & 6 (for some guys) today in the HS season. 


It’s OK Max ... just play anyway.  Even if the field is a flaming pool of magma and glass shards.  Just don’t forget to file a report.


I have my last volleyball games tomorrow ... :shrug:

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Is there somewhere the NFHS said this rule change is for safety?  From what I can see, this is not a safety compliance change, it's a consistency change.. Rationale: To maintain a consistent

Frankly, I'm shocked that schools still have open dugouts 20 feet from home plate like I've seen some schools around here. Just a matter of time.

Being honest, look at the litigation history: Plaintiff's lawyers went after helmets first.  Then, when helmet standards were established, they starting going after bats.  (Hence, BESR and then BBCOR.

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15 hours ago, Kevin_K said:

I think the coefficient of friction between the turf, the black pellets and the polyester if baseball pants will be of greater concern when players violate the FPSR and glide past 2B when it's encased in snow or ice.

Glide past?  Pfffft.  I’m more concerned about them bursting into flames if the turf isn’t covered.

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3 minutes ago, The Man in Blue said:

Where is the chart located?  I’m composing a letter to my state association and it might be interesting to include that data.

it's not a 'chart' so to speak.   it's only a 'list' of states and what they're requiring for this rule.

I posted the link in conjunction w/ my original post.  The post takes you to one of maven's posts where he tracks it.



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Just now, Thunderheads said:

Huh??? Show up to a game and don't have to do anything and get paid? Why refuse? :shrug:

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Yeah I don't know.... They are scared!!! ^_^



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If a team did not have any legal bats, would you let them play anyway?
Different subject altogether. We don't check bats, we have been asked to check the baseballs however.

But the answer to your question is obviously no :-)

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At times we have been.  In Illinois we still are supposed to for middle school (which also uses NFHS rules).

Remind me again, why am I bothering to check the balls if we aren’t going to do anything about it?  :sarcasm:

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