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Plate Coat, XL Panel, Jackets

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I have some clothes I don’t wear/need. 

First off are two jackets, I believe both of which are Smitty. Both Large.

The first is an all black Smitty convertible jacket. Like new, only worn a handful of times. $30 shipped OBO 

Next is the white stripped version of the convertible jackets but I don’t have the sleeves. Lightly used (I’m not the original owner) but it looks practically new. I’m guessing it’s Smitty but the tag is very generic. $25 shipped OBO. 

Brand new Smitty XL MLB replica shirt. Simply too big for me, $30 shipped OBO. 

Finally I have a Navy Plate Coat. It’s 44 Long. The only catch is there’s some gunk on the sleeve from where an old #30 used to be and a subsequent attempt to cover it up. If you can get that off it’s in excellent shape and really quite nice. $60 shipped OBO. 

Take the jackets and the shirt for $60 shipped. 

Hit me up with questions, concerns or offers. I have no use for this stuff and would love to have someone else use it. 

PS I realize the picture quality isn’t great due to the size requirements so PM me for a full resolution picture of anything. 

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