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Force Play Slide Responsibility


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NCAA Manual Section 8-4

Note 2: On a force play, with a two-man umpiring system, if the plate umpire does
not have a potential play at the plate
, he should move toward the base to observe
the runner going into second or third base. In this situation, the base umpire must
follow the throw and may not see the true effect of the lead runner’s action.


The key here is can you get out from behind the plate to make this call. Sometimes it's obvious FPSR, sometimes not. If I have a runner in scoring position, I'm not coming out towards the mound. I'll step out and observe but unless it's obvious, I may not make that call. Making that call while still near the plate does not look good. If FPSR happens and the coach comes out to argue with you as the base guy, don't tell him that your partner is primary on that call. You'll be able to see the tire tracks on his back if you do.

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