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Probably should have ejected


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From that thread (it was a short version) ...


The proper process?  I would say first and most important: YOU don’t engage the fan.  Don’t even show them the respect of “the toss” move.  Call time.  Get with your partner to make sure you are a cohesive unit.  Then go to the coach the fan belongs to and explain what is going to happen.  That may look something like this: “Coach, Helicopter Momma over there has to go.  We are stopping play until that happens.  It is your responsibility to address your fans.  If she doesn’t go (or if you refuse to comply), we can and will call the game a forfeit.”  And YES, it is the coach’s responsibility.

In a tournament, immediately get the TD involved.  Just like an Administrator during a school event.  Let him or her handle the actual fan removal.  They may have policies that remove the fan from the park, the day, or even the rest of the tournament.


Back to the fearsome foursome we ejected ... The first EJ was four pitches in.  My BU called time, gave him the heave, and the guy slowly made his own way out as my partner explained it to the coach.  (Mistake #1, we did not get together first.)  EJ 2 occurred behind me (I had my selective hearing on so I didn’t catch it), so again my BU called time and gave that guy the heave.  As my BU was walking in to do that, another fan threw a bottle in the stands and my BU tagged him out also.  Fan #4 reacted and started screaming, so I welcomed him to circle the wagons in the parking lot.  Again, we failed to get together before talking to the coaches.

We then brought the coaches together and explained that they needed to control their fans.  Home HC balked at that.  We advised him if he didn’t want to handle it, he needed to get a school administrator on site immediately and would be subject to ejection himself.  Visiting HC said “You don’t need an Administrator, you need the police.”  At that point I told my partner we were exiting the field, and we did.  An administrator showed up moments later, some other fans left voluntarily.  After 10 minutes or so, we agreed to go back on the field ONLY because the kids did not get engaged in the shenanigans; they were very calm and cool through the whole thing.  We did advise the Administrator and the coaches that any subsequent ejection would mean we are clearing the whole park and the offending team’s HC would be going with them.

Plenty of lessons to learn there.  I’m sure others can point out more.


For the record, it was actually one “well-to-do” rural school and one affluent city school.  The kind that brings “entitled” parents and kids.  Conference rivalry game ... the visiting team had just joined the conference the year before and had destroyed the home team in football.  A heated rivalry was born.  The visiting team was also undefeated to that point (the home team won). So no, not a bad area to do games at all.

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You got the coaches together and explained to them they needed to control their fans? You and your partner already “ejected” 4 of them, you and your partner already were trying to control the fans. If I was the coach or coaches, I would have told you to pound sand. You started the process, it’s too late to tell the coaches to finish it.

This is why you keep your head out of the stands.

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