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theyre starting young these days


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About as easy as it gets. 14u travel tournament at a popular turf complex in jersey (most locals know where im talking about) backwards k to end the inning and the batter draws a line where he thinks the pitch was. easy toss. the HC actually came down and inexplicably asked me to show him the line. i stared at him blankly for a good 5 seconds until he understood and walked away!!

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Coach, you see the 5th pellet to the left of the plate? Nope... the 5th. Coach, the 5th. From the left, coach. Yes. That one. See that pellet? He drew his line three pellets more to the left. Three. Yes, three. To the left, coach. Left. No, coach, your other left. Coach, three plus five is eight. Yes, coach. Eight pellets. You got it."

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