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    • By catoblue
      OK, coaches hat on my head for this one...

      Last night, LL majors game: For starters, I had an idea on what we had for umpires right from the plate conference: BIG deer-in-the-headlights look when they mentioned DBT and I said "2 from the field and 1 from the mound, right?":jerkit:

      Bottom of 1st 0 outs, R1 (This kid is about 5'10" and 200 lbs).
      Ground ball to F5, who scoops it and throws to F4. R1 slides into 2B with cleats 3 feet in the air, hits F4 in the glove arm with cleats and ball gets dropped - F4's arm is bleeding from cleat marks. By the way, this was clearly intentional to break up the DP.

      Now, were I calling this game, R1 is gone. The bozos that were calling the game, however, did nothing about it until at the half inning I called BU aside and said I'm concerned that he didn't at minimum, issue a warning - which he promptly did.

      Anyone else here that would have punched this kid's ticket for going in to 2B with the cleats into F4's arm? (remember this is LL!)

      Next play, grounder to 4'6" F6, the un-ejected (big-boy) R2, runs straight line towards 3B, keeping F6 from fielding the ball - here I have INT since F6 had to to choose: stop or get splattered! No call from the umpires, but it gets even better...

      Ball gets past F6, F7 is charging and bare hands the ball to throw to F5, who is standing just behind 3B, Before the throw gets there, R2 shoves F5 out of the way and heads home to score!!!!! Again no calls by the crew.

      Absolutely clueless!!! Oh yeah, the BU would line up right behind F1 (infield) with runners on - on a 60' diamond!?!

      My only thought by the end of the game was "...and they PAY for umpires like this?!" We play in a multi-community league, where ours is the only one that doesn't pay - I'll take our volunteers over these clowns any day!
    • By SeanColorado
      12u fastpitch playoff game.  I'm BU.
      Top of first, runners on 1st and 2nd, 2 outs, 2 strikes.  Shortstop says to catcher "if she goes get her at third".  3rd base coach (also HC) says to F6 "yeah you just go ahead and try to throw her out" before pitch is thrown in a taunting tone.  I'm in C and here it clearly.  Strike 3 inning over.  As he's starts walking back to 1st base dugout I tell coach, in a quiet but direct tone, not to speak to the other team's players.  He starts to respond and I say "coach, that's enough, we're not discussing this".
      Bottom of 3, PU calls time and walks out to P for a 10 second conversation.  I'm in A and can't make out what's being said.  HTHC comes out of dugout as PU is walking back to plate asking what that was about.  He was instructing pitcher to not lick fingers and then grab the ball for a pitch.  HTHC as he's walking back yells for the entire neighborhood to hear "oh we're playing by those rules today!".  PU issues a warning telling him to knock it off and "this is your warning".
      Start of bottom of 4, I'm in shallow right and HT is slowly taking the field as HTHC gives them individual fielding positions.  One of the girls is bawling profusely, tears streaming down her face.  About what, I don't know...  PU tells HTHC she can't take the field in that condition for her own safety.  He gets in PU face yelling "you can't tell me who I can play and can't".  PU tosses HC.  PU says "you have 5 minutes to leave the field".  Ugh, I know.  HTHC says "if I have 5 minutes I'm going to make them count".  I play rodeo clown telling him he has to leave and explain to AC he is now the HC.  
      HTHC leaves, but then in the 5th inning comes back and is back in sight.  Technically he is off the property, but the fields are in a basin and he's basically on the street curb.  Equivalent to the upper deck area above his team's dugout.  I didn't notice at first, but I'm in C and VTHC (3BC at the time) points out that he's back and asks for a forfeit.  I said no, we're not calling a forfeit, pause the game, tell new HTHC that he needs to be out of sight and sound.  He argues that he is off the property line.  Again coach, he needs to be gone now.  He calls him and finally makes his way to parking lot.  HT wins 8-7.  
      Feedback welcomed as I've learned so much from this forum.  My real question in all of this is "does PU have the authority within the rules to prevent a player from taking the field for crying?".  In PU's view, she couldn't see creating a safety issue.  Does the warning/conversation in top of 1 seem appropriate?
    • By LMSANS
      Opening day is tomorrow for NJ HS.  Here is part of an email from our association interpreter, a very opinionated individual...
      We do not go to our partner on a check swing because the coach has requested it.  We can go to our partner IMMEDIATELY if needed.  We all must be consistent in this mechanic all the time.  Coaches have told me and umpires that some umpires still go when requested by coach.  Please stop that and be consistent and the coaches will understand better and not ask.
      While I know that we are not required to in HS, but I have always done it as long as the coach hasn't been a d!ck about it.
    • By sd181612
      Hi everyone, sorry for being long gone. I would also like to apologize for the little issue that started in my last post and THANK YOU to those who handled it perfectly. School has been swinging at me left, right, front, and center, but I have been working towards my goal of attending my dream school: Harvard.
      I am ashamed in asking for this, but since we are a vast community I know that some, or all of you will be able to help me. As you all know, these schools are extremely competitive and some sort of contact or person of interest there could help my chances of getting in. As I said before, I have sacrificed a lot throughout all of my life to get to this stage: senior year with good grades; and this goal is something that have I always, with the help of my friends and loved ones, worked for and strived for.
      Thank you all and I apologize again for asking this her.
    • By refump10
      I was reading the other thread about the RLI called in a Little League game.  The discussion went briefly to the HS interpretation of the ruling.  I thought I would move over to the High School section to continue that part of the discussion to avoid high jacking the other thread. There was a quotation in one of the posts that quoted and interp from 2004:
      SITUATION 19: B1 bunts and F2 fields the ball in fair territory in front of home plate. B1 is running in foul territory when F2, in fair territory, throws errantly and hits B1 in the back. B1 continues running and touches first base. RULING: The play stands. F2 made an errant throw. Although B1 was not in the running lane, his position did not interfere with F2’s throw. (8-4-1g Exception)"
      My confusion over this interpretation is that I thought in FED that quality of throw is not a factor when determining RLI.  I also note that in the 2017 Rule Book, there is no exception listed to 8-4-1g.  I think this ruling should correct, but I'm having a hard time seeing how this ruling conforms with the rule as written.

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