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Kill two birds with one stone:

Use Murphy's Orange Oil Spray. Cleans while it shines!

Doesn't crack leather like Windex or other "cleaners". Gives off a good shine.

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12 hours ago, Guest dewayne presley said:

what is a good shoe shine suff


please feel free to go to the UMPIRE EQUIPMENT FORUM and do a search (upper right corner) within the equipment forum and type "shoe cleaning" or "cleaning shoes" .... you'll be reading for DAYS! :nod: 

@Mad Mike is correct , and actually, (I didn't know Murphy's had an Orange Oil Spray, thanks @Mad Mike!!)    .... I'll expound on his comment with my own theory as well.  You will also find my comments along with MANY others when you do a search.

Get 2 cheap spray bottles from Home Depot.  Fill one with water.  With the second bottle, take Murphy's Oil Soap and put a capful into the bottom of the bottle.  Fill the rest with water and shake to create a 'solution'.    After each game, and/or before, .... hit your shoes with water, wipe w/ a towel, then hit them w/ the solution, wipe again.   It's a safe, quick clean w/ a semi shine that'll look fresh before walking onto the field.

You'll hear others say to use regular household cleaners like Windex, or Scrubbing Bubbles ... Scrubbing Bubbles is great and leaves a nice shine behind, but can be harsh on shoe materials if used too much.  I haven't had a problem, but I only use it when the shoes get really dirty/muddy.  DO NOT use car care cleaners as they'll actually draw dust to your shoes, which goes against the whole reason you're cleaning them, right? ;) 

Because you're a guest, I'll try to go see if I can get a link on here so you can read your heart out :D 

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