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Runner Lane Interference

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10 minutes ago, johnnyg08 said:

Makes 8-2-9 interesting then eh? 


Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 10.42.19 AM.jpg

While interference is "called" on a FPSR violation the TOP penalty is stated in the rule. I don't see a conflict.

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1 hour ago, humanbackstop19 said:

I disagree.  RLI interference is TOP due to the fact the BR did not reach safely to first base, same as FPSR interference.  In fact, it's the same penalty, under the same section of the rule book.

8-4: "Runner is Out"  Art. 2  a. - Penalty:  The runner is out.  Interference is called and the ball is dead immediately.  On a force-play slide with less than 2 outs, the runner is declared out, as is the BR.  Runners shall return to the bases occupied at the time of the pitch.........(This pertains to all interference occurring before BR reaches 1st base)

Our association in Iowa discussed this rule in detail and was told this wording applied to both scenarios, FPSR (which was the emphasis of discussion) and RLI, because they are in the same section.  Chalk it up to another badly worded FED Rulebook issue.  

But the penalty in FPSR is not on the B/R, but on R1, R2, or R3, B/R is a victim of the penalty enforcement. In FPSR, the batter/runner may very well have reached first base but it's irrelevant due to the penalty associated with FPSR.

So I guess I don't see it the same.

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