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Unruly grandparent


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Stay in the slot. Don't ever move out over the plate. That is the concussion danger zone.

Call more strikes, Borderline pitches are strikes. It's ok to miss a ball every now and then but don't miss strikes. It's easier for hitters to adjust then pitchers. It's a better game when you call strikes and kids swing the bat.

Your concept of where a pitch is needs a time element. Pitches move in 3 dimensions as they approach the plate. Forward, down and left or right. At that level, a pitch that passed through any part of your zone, at any time, should be a strike.

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I do think for that level, especially if the pitcher is struggling, my zone will at least temporarily become much bigger... Elbows to ankles and anywhere near the plate. Still, that doesn't excuse the actions of the grandparent. I would have had a hard time not engaging them myself. Thankfully it didn't escalate. 

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