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Hello America !

Here in France, i had a case this sunday...i'd like to have your opinions...
With my teamate, we refused to let the coach of a team take his place in the 3rd base coach box. Why? He was injured (operation of Achille's tendon 10 days ago) and was walking with a plaster on his leg and crutches....He asked us why he couldn't take his place, which rule?? We involved the 8.01 (c) rule ;);) and told him that it was dangerous for him and for his own security, it was not reasonable to be in a coach box.....
Did someone had to manage this kind of situation??

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As Lou mentions, in HS Baseball the rule book specifically states we must allow the coach to occupy the box. They may have to wrap foam or other protective on the cast, or brace, or whatever, but if they want to be out there? It is on them if they get drilled.

Lower divisions like Little League prohibits casts on the field, even for the officials. In that case, the player or coach can be in the dugout, but not on the field. 


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