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Interference - Initial Throw Retires

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R1 and R3. 0 outs. Count is 0-2 on the batter. Batter swings at the next pitch and falls over the plate. Interference is called. The initial throw retires the runner stealing to 2nd base. R3, comes home safely.

Then, for the sake of argument, is it the same result if the catcher threw the ball into center field?

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Result if initial throw retires a runner: ignore the INT, 1 run scores, no runners, 2 outs, next batter due up.

Result if initial throw fails to retire a runner: enforce the INT, no runs score, R3, 2 outs, next batter due up.


Sorry: did not see which forum I was posting in. Carry on!

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2019-20 NCAA rule 6

Delayed Dead Ball—Runners Return or Advance

SECTION 3. The ball becomes dead and base runners return when:

b. The batter interferes with the catcher’s attempt to throw out a runner who is attempting to advance.

PENALTIES for b.—(1) The batter is out (see 7-11-f [with exceptions]);

(2) If the batter strikes out, the runner is also out; and

(3) If the catcher makes a play and the runner attempting to advance is put out and the batter does not strike out, the batter is not out and the interference is disregarded. The ball remains live and other runners may advance. If there is an attempt by the catcher to throw and the attempt is aborted due to any illegal action by the offense, the ball becomes dead immediately, the batter is out and all runners return to the base occupied at the time of the pitch.

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