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Volleyball State Finals

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11/10/2018 Sat

3:00 PM

Volleyball, State Finals

William Paterson University, Rec Center




Accepted on 10/28/2018

State Finals for volleyball! Second go round for me. This time I am sure that I will not be as edgy as I was last time. Can't wait for the match. It is a real joy having the best seat in the house to watch two really talented teams go at it. 

I will try to not suck. But, as I say to SWMBO, I can't make any promises





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Nice job. I was a line judge for a state championship this year. Give me a couple more years, and I'll be on the stand. :wink:

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Action photo of the match. Two evenly matched teams. Came down to the team in blue playing a great defense that kept their opponent from playing the power game they had played all year.

And I didn't suck!


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20 hours ago, Kevin_K said:

Action photo of the match.

And the photographer got the most important participant of the game in the shot, too!


How many net violations did you call?

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50 minutes ago, MadMax said:

How many net violations did you call?

None! Not my job. My partner called three.

I had two ball handling calls. One was so obvious every grandma in the stands knew it and the other was a double contact on a set.

The athletes decided the outcome. I was more like a symphony conductor, waving my arms while the talent entertained the spectators.

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