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Jordan on the Bus

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Probably late to the party on this, but I just watched "Jordan on the Bus" about Michael Jordan's baseball career. Being a native Chicagoan, I've always been a fan. But, I had always written off his baseball thing as a folly. After watching this, and after learning much more about baseball, I can't believe how gifted Michael Jordan was/is. He went from not playing baseball since HS, to hitting 250 in the Fall League, within a year. The guy's dedication and work ethic is amazing. Hours and hours in the cage hitting the ball before and after the game, even during a grueling season. 

He and Walter Payton are 2 guys that understood that talent only gets you so far and that practice and dedication propel you to phenom status. 

It's on ESPN. Worth the hour even if some of it is goofy. The bus story is short but good. 

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