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Gerry Davis's mask

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Quick review...pretty cool product.  Will post pics tonight.  The material:  not foam, not entirely rubber, not soft but not hard, and not heavy but noticeable when on.  I normally wear a 6 stitch hat and will attempt to continue that practice.  However, a 4 stitch would be best suited with the subtraction of space.  Not a deal breaker though.  Looks good (I got the black) even with the black Velcro straps going around the front of tan or black/tan pads.  The only consideration to make here is the fact that they only are at 100% (according to the website) for 50 games.  I go past that in a season for sure.  So the real test will be determining how it lasts past the 50 plate games.  

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56 minutes ago, acpar72 said:

agree @BT_Blue but I think the one thing is it is better having it there even at less than 100% than not.  But who knows anymore. 

Do they mention if heat has an effect on the product?  Some of us live and umpire games in a desert.

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